✨ Ladder Newsletter - 1/29

Compete for VC funding, learn from the Founder of Khan Academy, and more opportunities

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In case you missed the Q&A with Sal Khan (Founder of Khan Academy) last week, check out the recording and join the post-event discussion. 🎙

📆 Pear Competition Info Session: We’ve also partnered with Pear VC next week to launch your startup ideas by applying to the Pear Competition! 15+ winning teams will each be awarded a $25K uncapped SAFE. Hear from a past winner, get your questions answered, and get application tips at the info session next week.

🙌 our top internships


✨ Reddit - Software Engineer Intern | Engineer at the front page of the Internet

✨ Five Rings Capital - Software Engineer Intern | Code significant enhancements to Five Rings’ production trading system

✨ Affirm - Software Engineer Intern (Fall 2021) | Help reinvent credit to make it more honest and friendly

✨ Justworks - Software Engineer Intern | Justworks makes it easier to start, run, and grow a business by solving HR issues

✨ DocuSign - Software Engineer Intern | DocuSign is building trust and making the world more agree-able

✨ Qualcomm - Embedded Systems Engineer Intern | Develop, implement, and maintain software for the most complex wireless devices in the industry


✨ NFL - Product Manager Intern | The NFL is looking to draft rising undergraduate stars to join their NFL Labs Team

✨ Legacy (YC S19) - Product Manager Intern | Help build a complete digital health hub for future fathers

✨ Buzzfeed - Product Design Intern | Design end-to-end solutions for real problems alongside PMs, data scientists, and engineers

✨ MongoDB - Product Design Intern | MongoDB is among the most popular databases for creating apps

✨ DocuSign - Global Digital Media Intern | DocuSign is building trust and making the world more agree-able

✨ Curology - Influencer Marketing Intern | Work with influencers/creators to make personalized skincare accessible to all

🤩 our top new grad & full-time


✨ Datadog - Software Engineer | Help collect, aggregate, visualize, and analyze high-scale metrics, logs, and application data

✨ Yext - Software Engineer | Yext organizes a business's facts so it can provide official answers to consumer questions — wherever people search

✨ Amazon - Software Engineer | Work for the company at the forefront of e-commerce

✨ Twitter - Software Engineer | Build new product features on Twitter Home to help users curate personalized timeline experiences

✨ SeatGeek - Data Analytics | SeatGeek is the leading mobile-focused ticket platform

✨ Apple - Hardware Engineer | Choose work across all major areas of hardware design, including CPU, GPU, SoC, and AMS


✨ Ladder - Product Designer | Be Ladder’s first full-time design hire and work with the founders to design new exciting product features across mobile and web

✨ Expedia Group - Product Manager | Transform how millions of people engage with websites, apps, and bots through Conversational and Voice UI

✨ VMware - Product Manager | Spearhead product offerings within Telco & Edge Cloud

✨ Duolingo - Product Designer | Help shape the future of language education

✨ TrialSpark - Marketing Associate | TrialSpark brings new treatments to patients faster and more efficiently by reimagining the clinical trial process

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As always, you can find the entire list of curated internships and full-time opportunities on our website ladder.to, updated in real-time.

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